YI Action Gimbal Specs | YI Technology
Height x Length x Depth : 260mm x 82mm x 107mm
Weight: 310g
Compatible Action Camera
YI 4K / 4K+ / LITE
Firmware version: 4K: 1.8.13 and later / 4K+: 1.3.12 and later / Lite: 1.8.05 and later
Working Voltage
Boot Time
3 seconds
Working Performance
Tilt Axis Mechanical Movement Range: 320°
Roll Axis Mechanical Movement Range: 80° (Vertical)
Pan Axis Mechanical Movement Range: 320° (Vertical)
Tilt Axis Following Rate: 3°/s ~ 70°/s
Pan Axis Following Rate: 5°/s ~ 120°/s
Operating Temperature
0 ~ 45℃
Two 18350 batteries, each 850mAh
Battery Life
6 – 8 hours
Actual battery life is dependent on usage and battery capacity.
¼" Universal Mount
Operation Modes
Green light
Pan Mode
Tilt and roll locked, pan axis follows the movement of the gimbal.
Red light
Lock Mode
All axis are locked.
Blue light
Pan and Tilt Mode
Roll axis locked, tilt and pan axis follow the movement of the gimbal.
Purple light
Selfie Mode
Double press (the interval should be less than 0.5s) Mode Button in any mode to enter Selfie Mode, double press again to exit.


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