YI Action Gimbal
All of the action, none of the shakes.
  • 3-Axis
  • 4 Modes
  • Bluetooth Control
  • 6-8 Hours Battery
  • For YI 4K/4K+/Lite
YI 4K+ Action Camera
Professional footage even for amateurs
YI 4K+ Action Camera
Shoot cinematic like footage with spectacular image quality. YI Action Gimbal is a 3-axis gimbal with 4 operating modes. It lets you capture clear, stable images in almost any environment. Make everyday footage look like an epic motion picture.
Cushion the bumps, stabilize the wobbles
With high-precision sensors and brushless motors it can handle the bumps and shakes that would usually cause shaky footage.
Without Gimbal
With YI Action Gimbal
3-Axis Gimbal
With 3-Axis there is more flexibility in the angles you shoot. 320° Pan/Tilt rotation lets you get the desired angle with smooth footage.
YI 4K+ Action Camera
Integrated Bluetooth
Easily connect to one of the compatible YI action cameras using the integrated Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4.0, just turn on bluetooth on your camera, press the gimbal's shutter button and you're ready to go.
YI 4K+ Action Camera
YI 4K+ Action Camera
Wireless control
The integrated Bluetooth allows you to control your camera from one place, with one hand. After connecting to bluetooth, use the gimbal shutter button to stop/start recording and change camera mode, providing an overall better experience when shooting footage.
4 Operation Modes
Pan Mode
Tilt and roll locked, the pan axis follows the movement of the gimbal
Pan & Tilt Mode
Roll axis locked, pan and tilt axis follow the movement of the gimbal
Lock Mode
All axis are locked, joystick can control direction of the gimbal
Selfie Mode
Pan mode will rotate 180° to direct the camera towards the user
The Perfect Match
It was built for the YI action camera, so you won't find another gimbal that fits as perfectly as the YI Action Gimbal does. The YI 4K Action Camera, YI 4K+ and YI Lite are the perfect match for it.
Simple to Use
The YI Action Gimbal has a simple interface that makes control and mode switching innovative, intuitive, and easy-to-use.
to Carry
It's essential that a handheld gimbal is comfortable, lightweight and ergonomic. The YI Action Gimbal weighs just 310g with a comfortable grip so you can film without strain.
6-8 Hours
Battery Life
Two 18350 batteries each with a 850mAh capacity gives the YI Action Gimbal a battery life of up to 8 hours on a single charge.
The YI Action Gimbal has a universal ¼" thread mount that allows you to mount it to other devices and accessories. Take it on a bike ride, or on a bumpy road trip.
Be Selfie-ish
Get in the action with Selfie Mode. Besides the traditional PTZ modes the YI Action Gimbal can switch the Pan axis 180° to capture more wonderful moments, with you in the picture.
Capture more, worry-free
Explore more and capture spectacularly smooth footage with incredible image quality. The YI Action Gimbal combined with one of the compatible YI action cameras delivers cinematic-like footage, whatever your scenario.
YI 4K+ Action Camera
YI Action Gimbal
Finally capture stable footage on your YI action camera with more control, more battery life, and more comfort.

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