YI Mini Dash Camera

Stay discreet, stay safe

Stay Covered with a 140° Wide-angle Lens

In order to reduce blind spots, the YI Mini Dash Camera adopts a 140° wide angle all-glass lens that comfortably
provides three lane coverage. The highly sensitive image sensor, enables accurate and detailed recordings.

Full HD and Emergency Recording

The YI Mini Dash Camera features a high-end video processor that records at 30 frames per second in 1080p
resolution. It’s designed to capture fast-moving scenes, and provide detailed recordings of collisions, immediately.
The system also features G-Sensor technology that allows the camera to automatically save footage of the events
leading up to a collision and immediately after.

2.0” LCD Screen: User-friendly Interface

The 2.0” screen LCD offers a preview and playback, with large navigational buttons and easily
recognizable icon designs, it makes for an intuitive experience.

Quick Start-up

It records the moment you’re ready

Thanks to the YI Mini Dash Camera’s quick start-up you don’t need to worry about missing a
thing. The camera starts simultaneously with your car, and the camera can start recording
before you even set off.

Discreet Design and Easy Installation

When you mount the lightweight camera to your windshield using the 3M sticky mount, it
becomes your discreet personal witness to any events unfolding on the road.
It’s easy installation and subtle design makes it conveniently compatible with any car, and easy
to use for drivers of all ages.

Emergency Recordings Protected

YI Mini Dash Camera has a built-in 3 axis adjustable G-sensor. In the event of a collision, the
emergency video recording function will be automatically activated. It will not delete the
evidence due to lack of memory or loop recording, and completely protect the footage of the
accident including the moments leading up to it.

Built with care

Meticulous selection of materials that pass demanding wear including
abrasion, corrosion, temperature and impact tests. The YI Mini Dash camera’s materials
are non-toxic, lead free, odor free, and resistant to the sun’s heat, for a safer and longer product lifetime.

2.4Ghz Wi-Fi High-Speed Sharing

With a built-in 2.4GHz wireless module, simply open the app and connect the YI Mini Dash
Camera via Wi-Fi. View real-time footage, playback and download recordings or share
memorable journeys with your friends and family.

Capture Every Moment in Detail

The all-glass professional lens has an infrared filter to block infrared rays and reduce glare,
delivering sharper, clearer and more realistic HD images.

Stay discreet, stay safe

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