YI Handheld Gimbal

Simple and Stable

  • 3-Axis
  • Compact, Lightweight
  • 3 Hours Battery Life
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Geeks make life more exciting!
Professional motion pictures won’t tolerate shaky footage. YI Handheld Gimbal features a controlled 3-Axis head with 3 stabilization modes. Capture fast moving images such as sports, motion, driving cars, and animals and produce stabilized footage. Even if you have shaky hands, YI Handheld Gimbal has your back! It is time to say goodbye to shaky videos for good!
Moving in the static
YI Handheld Gimbal showcases an advanced 3-Axis, built-in high precision sensor and responsive brushless motor, which overcomes real bumps and compensates for camera shake.
Triaxial PTZ support manual adjustment
3-Axis Pas / Tilt / Roll Supports Manual Adjustment 320° Pan/Tilt Rotation
3 Stabilization Modes
Pan Mode:
Pan axis follows the gimbal’s movement while the camera remains locked in tilt and roll to remain uprigh
Lock Mode:
Roll axis is locked, tilt and pan axis rotate to follow the gimbal’s movement
Pan and Tilt Mode:
All axis are locked and the gimbal only faces one direction
Capture impeccably smooth footage regardless how rough the terrain!
YI Handheld Gimbal is your next off-road adventure sidekick!
Portable and Practical
Handheld Gimbal features an ergonomic design that fits smoothly in your palm for comfort and security. Easily and conveniently switch the Control Mode with the gimbal in one hand. Compact and portable, easy to pack and carry for all your adventures!
Experience Real-Time Previewing and App Features
Connect your action camera to the app or view directly on YI 4K Action Camera LCD screen to have complete control of your settings. Get the best shot, adjust the composition easily, record lasting memories. See what your camera sees, in real-time!
Never be limited by the length of your handheld gimbal again!
Universal ¼” thread mount and compatible with YI Selfie Stick - features a simple twist-and-lock function and rotates 360° horizontally and 180° vertically and is adjustable from 7” to 28”.
Enjoy the dynamic experience and capture the shot you couldn’t get before!
Dream Bigger
Dedicated to the curious, adventurous, thrill-seeker inside everyone.
Be active, run free, we will stay stable for you.
Create amazing and professional content, focus more on living and less on shakiness!
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Universal thread mount
Universal ¼” thread mount allows you to use YI Handheld Gimbal with other professional mounts.
More options, get creative. Recommended: YI Selfie Stick
Up to 4.5 Hours of Battery Life
Two 18350 rechargeable battery

This kit contains: YI 4K Action Camera, camera battery, selfie stick, bluetooth remote,
gimbal, gimbal batrery, micro USB cable, charging dock, manual.

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