Simple and Sophisticated

Details are everything. YI M1 is more than a camera, we have incorporated cutting-edge technology with contemporary designs.
YI 42.5mm F1.8 Lens
Designed specifically for shooting portraits, the 85mm lens (35mm camera equivalent) focal length features a depth of field to bring attention to your focal point and blur the background. With F1.8 aperture, you are able to shoot clear and sharp images even in low-light conditions. The 0.5x zoom broadens the angle of view and results in breathtaking macro photography.
YI 12-40mm F3.5-5.6 Lens
Features a 24-80mm (35mm camera equivalent) focal length and advanced optical glasses lets you capture every moment with exceptional image quality.
With Extra Dispersion (ED) glasses and four aspheric lens elements minimize chromatic aberration and other forms of distortion. This portable and high resolution lens offers high contrast and sharpness.
YI M1 Wrist Strap
The YI M1 Wrist Strap allows you to securely handle your camera in fashion. Pick the pattern that fits your style. Be bold.
YI M1 Shoulder Strap
The YI M1 Shoulder Strap is made from high quality material and designed to comfortable fit over your shoulder. This elegant and stylish design will ensure security and convenience.
YI M1 UV Lens
YI M1 UV Lens protects your lens while improving image quality. Features 12 double-sided coating layer and the average light transmittance is greater than 98%. The UV Lens not only protects the lens from dust, dirt, and scratches, but also reduces ultraviolet light and helps eliminate bluish cast in images resulting in improved contrast and saturation.
YI M1 Shoulder Bag
The YI M1 Shoulder Bag is protective, practical, and stylish. The splash resistant material gives you peace of mind to securely store your camera, accessories, and personal belongings.ur camera. The messenger-style design had adjustable straps and can be worn over your shoulder or across your body with adjustable straps. Secure your camera with this minimalist and practical design.
YI M1 Battery Charger
The YI M1 Battery Charger is compact,, lightweight, and portable. Fully recharge your YI M1 battery in approximately 180 minutes. This wall mount charger is simple to use and easy to store. Shoot longer with YI M1.
YI M1 Camera Battery
900mAh Amperex Technology (iPhone battery supplier) Li-polymer battery, high in energy density, increases battery life without extra thickness. Records 4K up to 7:29hrs, regardless of video format. 4GB and 30 minute maximum file size.
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