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Waterproof Camera Case

Submersible up to 131 feet underwater

YI Waterproof Case uses Germany imported industrial plastic material which enables the case to be both lightweight and strong.

Corning Gorilla glass lens

The Corning Gorilla glass helps deliver maximum image sharpness above and below water and protect the camera lens.

Double anti-fog coating

Makes the case translucent and prevent misting even in low temperatures or high-humidity.

Rustproof and dustyproof

YI Waterproof Case prevents dust and protects the lens against pollution and finger prints.
Its rustproof coating is resistant to damages caused by seawater or maresia.

Submersible up to 131 feet underwater

YI Waterproof Case uses industrial plastic material imported from Germany, which creates a lightweight and durable design.

Perfect for sports and adventures

Take your YI Action Camera on any adventure with the Waterproof Case.
Combine it with any of the YI accessories to customize it for different activities.
Pair it with the Floating Grip Handle and take it underwater without losing it.
Mount it to the Hand Mount and take it snowboarding.

Shockproof, dust-proof, rust-proof, and adventure-proof

Double coated with anti-fog coating

For extra protection, the anti-fog coating ensures that your video and photos come out crisp and clear.
The coating keeps the case translucent and prevents misting in high-humidity and low temperatures.
Made with durable high-performance materials.

Corning Gorilla Glass Lens

The extra tough Corning Gorilla glass lens protects the camera lens and delivers crystal clear images both above and below the water.

Stainless steel

The waterproof case features stainless steel screws and buttons so that it stays rust-proof.
The case also features an anti-hydraulic pressure feature so that the buttons will not be affected or pressed by hydraulic pressure underwater.

PC thermoplastic

The strong PC thermoplastic material can withstand chilling temperatures (up to -22°F) and is resistant to damage caused by high water pressure.
Mount it to the YI Floating Grip, Wrist Mount, and more.

Pair it with YI Accessories

Many YI Accessories need to be used with the YI waterproof case in order to mount the camera.
The waterproof case is compatible with the YI Selfie Stick, Floating Hand Grip, Head Mount, Chest Mount, Wrist Mount, Hand Mount and Handlebar Bike Mount.
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