This set contains 3 thumb screws (black, green and pink) and 1 one mount adapter (1/4×20 standard tripod thread); customize your YI with fun colors.
Billet Aluminum Thumbscrew with high quality stainless steel.
Designed to secure the YI Action camera to waterproof case, selfie-stick and more accessories.


The YI Thumb screw is made of Billet Aluminum with high-quality stainless steel and allows you to mount your YI Action Camera to all YI Accessories such as waterproof case, selfie stick, bike mount, helmet mount and more. It holds your camera stable in any way and can also be used as a spare or replacement. You can easily tighten and loosen the thumbscrew, which is rust-resistant.
Very easy to use, this set contains 3 colorful screws to make your YI camera cool and stylish and 1 mount adapter with 1/4x 20 standard thread.

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